The Kasari Nexus (Rho Agenda Assimilation #1)The Kasari Nexus by Richard Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This smart sci fiction book by Richard Phillips is a thought provoking story of a not so distant future where aliens have reached out to Earth. In this first book of the series, the aliens have convinced scientists to build a portal to their world in exchange for great scientific advancements. This world takes place in the aftermath of that arrangement where the world is at war with itself and the aliens. Four humans, who were once “normal”, have accidentally connected with a fallen alien ship and gained enhanced abilities from headsets that connect to the ship, and corresponding aliens or different personalities. The story follows the journey these people take to fight their ignorant government, rebels who want them dead and two characters who have fled Earth in an attempt to stay alive.
We meet Heather, an enhanced human, who is capable of seeing probable futures and calculating possible success percentages from those visions. She’s wicked smart and just as deadly after years of training. She’s married to Mark.
Mark, another enhanced human whose body is more that of a finely tuned machine, is even more deadly that his wife, but in a more physical way. They miss his twin sister, Jennifer, who left during an attack.
Jennifer, is also an enhanced human, she narrowly escaped Earth with a partial cyborg friend of theirs named Raul. She is unsure of whether Earth survived the attack or not, so their story is one of survival. These two brilliant minds form a bond forged by blood and use their ship to help build and understand amazing technology to help them.
Heather and Mark are accompanied by Jack, an assassin acting as their bodyguard, his wife Janet, another bodyguard and their son, another enhanced human named Robby who is connected to an Artificial Intelligence.
This book has many characters that were hard to follow at first, but then the story sucks you into other worlds and races with beautiful description. I loved the way the author blended the different story lines so that you were never left waiting to see what happens next with anyone. Mild romantic ties kept the story equally as exciting as the science and space exploration. I would recommend this book to any sci-fi lover. Reminded me at first of other sci-fi books that I read and loved.

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