The Way Home (The Chasing Series Book 3)The Way Home by Linda Oaks
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A Must Read!!!
Nate Lucas is alone and has been since he was left by his druggy parents when he was a child. The only person he has is his Gran and she loves him and raises him to be decent, but when everybody in town knows you come from the other side of the tracks you are just not looked at or treated the same. He has one girl who loves him and he loves her like she is the air he breaths. Why does everyone he loves leave him? How is he supposed to go on without her? Everywhere he is, she is there too. Life became impossible in the town where they grew up. The memories followed him every step he took and she was all he could think about. The only way to stay sane was to leave town and never come back to Crawley again.  His vow is to never come back or never love again!
It was business that brings Nate back to the one place he vowed to never return. He has decided it’s time to right a wrong. His heart is covered in ice and Nate swears to never love again. He will never take the chance of history repeating itself. He is closed off to love and relationships of any kind but his best friend’s little sister is in trouble and keeping her and her daughter safe is the only decent thing to do.  They had an arrangement that was working until she and her daughter started melting the ice around his heart. Nate was so scared that all he wanted was to run fast and hard and not look back, but Miley was getting under his skin and so was her daughter. He knows that running will only send him backward and he won’t be a coward. Will Nate survive this and will Miley break through to his heart?
I really like this book. Linda Oaks has written a good read that I would highly recommend. I love it when I read a book that sucks you in and doesn’t let go till the last page and you still want more. Thank you for sharing your writing talents with us.

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