Too Far Gone (Adirondack Pack, #1)Too Far Gone by K.C. Stewart
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This book has your HEA. This book tells the story of Sadie James and Tyson. This book could be read as a standalone. This is the first book of the Adirondack Pack Series. I really enjoyed how the author told the full stories of each character. This helped you to relate on a personal level with each character.
Sadie James moves to the small town of Andora after she goes through something tragic. She is tired of all of the pity looks that she gets back home from everyone, including her family. She is hoping to start fresh and new where no one knows her. After only being there a few days she finds herself in trouble again. Will the Wolf in-front of her save her or harm her. She is not sure which right now.
Tyson has years with the Adirondack pack as the enforcer. When he is forced to kill his own sister he cannot take it and leaves to become a lone wolf. The world has other plans for him when he is put in the same path as Sadie. He is not sure what is pulling these two together, but he has to keep going.
Tyson chases Jack away from Sadie to protect her. Tyson knows that Jack is the one that was behind the reason why Tyson had to kill his own sister. He does not trust Jack with Sadie. He decides to stay in his wolf form so that he can protect her at all times. They both become very attached to each other during this time. When Tyson saves Sadie from Jack’s attack on her he never knew that it would turn out to be a life and death situation. He is left with the decision of his life, but that will not be the only one he is to make.

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