When Lightning Strikes (Lightning, #1)When Lightning Strikes by Kathleen Rovner
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There is a scene where Julie is attacked so please know that ahead of time.
When Lightning Strikes it’s a young adult paranormal book. Julie Marin is a 16 year old girl who has one goal in mind to be the best dancer she can be. She has dedicated all her time and energy to to secure a spot at the Academy. It’s a prestigious school for dance in NYC. She works tirelessly to achieve her goal foregoing dating and many other fun activities that most girls her age. She is almost attacked leaving practice one day and then again 2 weeks later at a high school dance. But was saved again this time by a new teacher, Mr.Black, whom she feels a pull towards no matter the inappropriate nature.
Julie doesn’t understand why her parents have decided to move move out of the city to a remote island. Citing that the recent attacks have proven that it’s just too dangerous to live in the city anymore, her parents along with her twin brother Jamie are whisked to the island that her parents had grown up on. Devastated about not being able to even say a proper goodbye to her friends, Julie lashes out but when it comes time to leave. She doesn’t understand why everything is so strange on this island, or why her twin brother James has been pulling away from her.
The storyline is so interesting and page turning you can’t put it down. All of the characters were well-developed and interesting in their own way. Life and love for a 16 year old can be complicated enough as it is but when there are magical forces involved things can get really crazy.

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