Across the Miles (The Not So Bad Boys of Rock Book 1)Across the Miles by Rhonda James
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Brooke Caldwell is an aspiring chef from Michigan, who after apprenticing for five years under her mentor and friend, Donnie, gets an opportunity for an executive chef position in L.A. She flies out for an interview, and afterward goes to the beach for the first time ever. There she meets Sebastian Miles, lead singer for a famous rock band, Paradox. He was out for his daily run. They talk and feel a connection, but they go their own ways. After his run, Sebastian is heading back home, when he finds Brooke with a nasty head wound after an apparent mugging. He takes care of her which is something she is not used to. Due to a concussion, Brooke has to remain in L.A. for another ten days. She stays with Sebastian and they fall in love.
They agree to a long distance relationship. Sebastian has decided she is the one and will wait as long as he needs to. Will they be able to sustain a long distance relationship? Will Brooke let Sebastian into her life?
I enjoyed reading this book. The supporting cast is interesting. Her best friend, Jade, ends up with Dek, Sebastian’s best friend and fellow band member. It does end on a cliffhanger, so get ready and purchase book 2, Miles Apart. There are three books in this series.
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