BurnoutBurnout by Brooklyn Taylor
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This was my first read by this author, and thought the book was okay. This was a bit of a slow read for me, I didn’t get that wow feeling when reading this. I thought I was being told what was going on and not experiencing it. Felt like it was too much of a fast paced read. I thought it could of been more thought out and a longer book. I felt like it was too rushed, and had way too much potential to be that short. Also it was a good and interesting storyline, that could of been expanded. Like I felt like the ideas were there, and was going in a positive direction it just wasn’t expanded or thought out very well.

Moving onto the characters however I did like them a lot. So the hero in this story is a man named Easton Hunter. He is a drag racer, and kind of a big deal and some people know him as the “it” guy. His life revolves around two things his family and racing. I really liked his character, I felt like just like the story the characters were also flawed out, like not enough back story or angst. Not enough characterization. But did like he put his family first, like the fact he gave up a lot in his life to raise his niece. I did feel bad that he had a rocky past, and start in life. Due to that he kept people at arm’s length. He never sticks with a woman more than a few hours, so as you can tell he’s a one nighter kind of man.

Eventually the heroine Harper comes into the picture who happens to be a female drag racer. And when her and Easton, sparks fly. They have instant chemistry. But what I felt there wasn’t enough angst between them, like when I mentioned before the book felt rushed and fast paced, so due to that their relationship was too.

But I did like Harpers character, she was determined and fierce woman for going into a career, sport, that was male dominated. And making a name for herself as well. And was being challenged due to meeting Easton.

Overall it was an okay read, expected a lot more from this book.
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