Claimed (Decadence after Dark Book 2)Claimed by M. Never
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Claimed (Decadence After Dark #2) by M. Never is the second book of the Decadence After Dark series and a continuation of Kayne and Ellie’s story. Please be aware that this is not a standalone and that you need to read book #1, Owned, first to fully understand and appreciate this story.

Wow, just, wow I absolutely devoured this book from start until finish with no breaks! I was excited, nervous, apprehensive and just plain giddy to get my hands on this story because let’s face it, after that ending in the first book, I was dying to know what would happen next with Kayne and Ellie.

M. Never once again, sucks me into this story from the start. I love that this book picks right up where the first book left off. I am in awe of her writing, the story that she weaves is full of angst, mystery, and red hot sex! I am not kidding when I say this author can write and do it well while giving the reader a fantastic story. I wasn’t sure where this story was headed and that had me on the edge of my seat, literally, the entire read. I found that I had to go back and re-read a few pages because my heart was racing and I felt like I was getting ahead of myself reading so fast because I wanted to know so badly what was coming next.

I absolutely loved Ellie in this book. I loved that she was independent, I loved that she was open and honest and above all, I loved her love for Kayne. Now in the first book I was wanting and needing more of a relationship build between these two and yes, this book left me wanting for nothing in that category. Everything I felt that was missing from book #1 more than made up for it in this story. Ellie became a strong woman and took charge of her life and I fell in love with her even more in this book. My only issue and as slight as it was, I just didn’t connect with her relationship with Jett. For me, it was over the top….dare I say, annoying. I honestly wasn’t fond of her always running to him, I don’t know but for me, I just didn’t like it at all. It’s hard to explain, I guess, as much as it bothered Kayne, it was like she would do it even more and I really found that it took away from my love of her at times, if that makes sense. I almost felt at times that I didn’t like her and that made me sad because she had grown so much for me since the first book.

Kayne, oh my poor Kayne, he was devastated after losing Ellie. I loved that the author did not take the typical fashion route, having him man-whore around to try and forget her. Oh no, Kayne’s loss of Ellie was sincere, it was genuine, it was heartfelt, it was utterly heartbreaking and I wanted so badly to make everything right for him. He knew what he wanted and he knew he was going to go to the ends of the earth to make it right but he stumbled along the way with his insecurities. Jett, oh lord, you HAVE to love this man and thank goodness he was Kayne’s rock during their separation. There is nothing better than seeing the realness of your main character and Kayne was nothing short of the real thing. He loved Ellie fiercely and I could literally “feel” every bit of it. He was willing do anything and everything and I fell harder and harder for him the more I read. He was in my eyes, absolute perfection!

Now with all of that being said, why not 5 Stars, well it’s my own personal “issues” and/or feelings I had with the whole Kayne, Ellie, Jett and London relationship. Ehhhh, not my cup of tea I guess. I am possessive and loyal and I couldn’t help but not get into and/or connect with their “time” together, sorry, it was just a big fat no for me. I understood it during the first book, but now that they have established relationships, I just didn’t enjoy that aspect of their story. For me, Kayne was so alpha male, it just seemed out of character, yeah ,I get in book one he was into the whole f/f thing and that was fine because it was under different circumstances. He was so possessive of her and yet still had no problem sharing, I didn’t get it.

Outside of that issue, I loved every single thing about this book. Kayne and Ellis’s story was absolutely beautiful and I loved and felt completely connected as well as invested in their relationship. We got so much in this book, hot sex, love, and a great build-up of their relationship outside of the bedroom. The author proved to me that Kayne and Ellie were MORE than just sex and it warmed my heart to see their story played out beautifully, sincerely, just perfectly for me.

M. Never, I am a fan for life, this book was the perfect follow-up and your characters came to life and spoke to me in volumes. I loved getting answers to my questions from book #1 and I adored the way you brought Kayne and Ellie back together!
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