Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1)Crashing Back Down by Kristen Hope Mazzola
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This is the first book I have read by Kristen Hope Mazzola and I loved it! Her characters come to life quickly and soon you feel like part of the story. It is a story of friendship, great love, loss and a second chance for true love.

The story of Margret McManus, known to her friends as “Mags”, begins while she was attending college. She met her new roommate, Cali, during sorority rush and they became the best of friends. During a fraternity rush they met Randy, Walker and Mitch. Little did they know that their lives would be intertwined from that night on.

Mags and Randy had an immediate attraction, fell in love, and spent the rest of their college days partying with their friends and studying. They married, and he soon joined the military. Hot, sexy Walker Eastman was Randy’s best friend and fraternity brother. Sadly, Randy had a fatal accident during his deployment and Walker was with him when it occurred. Walker made a promise to take care of Mags from that day on. He was the only one that Mags could relate to. They had a Sunday tradition of having breakfast together and watching a movie. Mags was struggling with grief and could not get on with living her life, and this was the only thing she looked forward to. Walker was known as the bad boy who would never settle down with one girl, but could they be wrong? He secretly had a crush on Mags and had since the first night they met at the fraternity rush.

Even though Mags had a great support system, she still felt very lonely, and struggled with depression. Walker remained very supportive and soon Mags started to have feelings for him too, but since he had been Randy’s best friend she couldn’t allow herself to act on them. Then she discovered a secret Walker was keeping and the game changed. You won’t want to miss the twist and turns, of friendship and romance, and the huge cliffhanger. Do Mags and Walker overcome his secret? I can’t wait to read the second book in this series!!
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