Dirty Pleasures (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy Book 2)Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March
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Dirty Pleasures ( Book 2 of The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy ) by Meghan March

This book has many ups and downs and was an emotional roller coaster for me. It was also very steamy.

The end of book 1 was Holly leaving Creighton with just a note waiting for him to come home. The note was just 2 short words

GOOD-BYE, Creighton.

There was no reason or explanation given.

Holly didn’t leave with anything that didn’t belong to her. She left behind all the clothes he bought along with Creighton’s Amex Black Card and the new guitar he bought her.

A new show was added last minute and Holly had to be back in Nashville and on the tour bus by a specific time. She ran home to pack some basics like undergarments, a few T-shirts and a few pairs of yoga pants and jeans. Once she gets to the bus, she realizes her phone is missing and she must’ve left it at her place. Now she has no way to contact Creighton or for him to contact her which is why she is in this situation in the first place.
He calls her many times once he finds her note but it goes directly to voicemail. He then notices all the clothes, brand new guitar and the Amex Black Card are still in his penthouse and does what he needs to do….he makes sure the jet is ready and in 10 minutes he’s off to go find his wife.

He buys a ticket to the show and tries to get backstage but the security is so good that he’s not able to bribe the guy. He watches the show and is amazed by her voice. He waits outside by the tour bus and once they see each other, they start talking and everything seems to be good with them. Creighton is really falling for Holly but she is clueless. She is waiting for this marriage to crumble but she doesn’t realize, he’s in it for the long haul.

Creighton ends up not making it back to Holly in time again and during the time she is by herself she gets a collect call from her mama which isn’t good. When Creighton makes it back is one of my favorite parts / quotes in the book. Holly says “You stood me up. Again. And my mama, the gold digger, is coming to visit, and I’ll have her yapping in my ear about how I’ll never hold on to you unless I do something magical, like bleach my a**hole or vajazzle my cooch, and even then, I’m probably not woman enough to keep a man like you.” I thought that was pretty funny!

There are a few other emotional things happening like Holly coming face to face with someone from Creighton’s past.

In this book we hear about more characters like Holly’s mama and Songwriter Vale Garcia ( Holly and Vale have history )

I really hope Holly and Creighton get the HEA they deserve but we won’t know till the conclusion in Book 3 Dirty Together.

This book ends in a cliffhanger and the books need to be read in order

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