His Contract (Legally Bound, #1)His Contract by Rebecca Grace Allen
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His Contract by Rebecca Grace Allen is a standalone with a happily ever after. It is book one in the Legally Bound series. This story is about widower and Dominant Jack, and heartbroken submissive Lilly. This story is about second chances and finding love…again. Many authors write about BDSM but not many do such a great job of expressing the feelings involved in the relationship of the dominant and submissive.
Rebecca Grace Allen decides to bring out the big guns right from the prologue, making me use my tissues right away and hoping my own heart will be healed along with Jack’s. Other emotions were brought out while reading this book like anger, hope, love, more tears. The moment Jack and Lilly meet I wanted to cheer for them. I could feel their hearts wanting to be together and then later I wanted to yell at Jack for letting Lilly leave and to yell at Lilly for leaving. Luckily I did understand why they both did what they did, my heart still hurt for them but I held out hope that they would find their way back to each other.
“He kissed her like she was air, his everything, the only thing he needed to survive.”
This story has many people wanting acceptance from those they love but fear of being shunned and ignored has them keeping quiet.
“Gay or straight, Dominant or submissive, old or young—it’s all the same thing. It’s all people, and the different ways we care about one another.”
This applies to Nick with his mother, Lilly with Nick, Jack with Josh.
Rebecca Grace Allen writing is very good and draws the reader right into the story. So I am looking forward to reading about Lilly’s best friend, Cassie, and Jack’s best friend, Patrick. They had a little tension during this story, just enough for me to want more for them. I wouldn’t mind reading about Nick and Gabe or even Jack’s son Josh.
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