House of the Lost Girls (Flocksdale Files Book #2)House of the Lost Girls by Carissa Ann Lynch
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House of the Lost Girls, book 2 in the Flocksdale Files by Carissa Ann Lynch was a fast paced 4-star action packed read. The prefect follow-up after book one that shows how evil can easily be passed down in families, but can be a standalone. To really get that creepy feel Have You Seen This Girl? book one, really gets you set up and your heart pumping. Both quick, but powerful reads that take you into the world of human trafficking and drugs.

This story takes place years after book one ended and seventeen-year-old Marianna Bertagnoli is being forced to move to another town with her mother and her stepfather from Ohio. They are leaving everything and everyone she knows behind to move to Flocksdale into a family home of her stepfather’s. The house itself is creepy and after some digging she finds that it is known as the House of Horrors and has a hideous history to go with the bad vibes.

Years ago the Garrett family and many people in Flocksdale worked together with drug deals, selling girls, and murdering them. The House of Horrors was one of the homes used and this pushes deep fears into Marianna as her stepfather George has always given her issues. When her mom disappears as well as some of the local girls, she puts her trust into her new friends from the town. The friendships formed look like they will make the move easier as well as turn into something so much for her love life.

To add to the adventure a grown Wendi how fought the evils before is still living in town and doing her own search into the girls’ disappearances. the teamwork between the two of them is unforgettable. The journey that Marianna must take to find the answers, her mom, and who to trust is unbelievable. You will be shocked as everyone’s true colors come to light, and how evil one town is capable of. The world can be a scary place and for Marianna when everyone is a stranger, you don’t know who to trust with your safety.
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