Karma (Kings of Rebellion #1)Karma by K.T. Fisher
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Lauren is a self proclaimed B*tch. Screwing people over comes back to bite her in the worse way. Kidnapped by her exes’ MC, nobody to notice she’s missing.

First off, this is a very dark, gritty read. I’m warning everyone, if rape is a trigger for you, you might not want to read this. The violence against the main character is truly horrendous.

After saying that, I can say this was a great story. It has all the elements I look for in a story. Great characters. Although I had a problem connecting with Lauren at first, but the author wrote it so well, I couldn’t help but feel bad for her. Great hero! Brandon/Grim was a nasty bad *ss but he was great with Lauren. The ancillary characters were also well written and engaging.

The interaction between Lauren and Natasha had great chemistry. Their friendship born in the fires of h*ll.

Brandon/Grim as VP of Kings of Rebellion MC, knows violence. The Kings aren’t totally squeaky clean, but they respect their women.

When trying to find one of their brother’s daughter, Elise, they also find Lauren & Natasha. Brandon immediately feels a connection to Lauren, and wants nothing more than to protect her.
Overall, I found this a good read. There were some issues with character mix-ups, spelling and word usage. But overall the writing was done well. I would recommend this book, but only after disclosing the rape/s to potential readers. I’m looking forward to diving into the second book.
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