Kenna's Musings (Daydreaming #2)Kenna’s Musings by Claire Granger
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Wow, just WOW! Kenna’s Musings by Claire Granger, which is the second book in the Daydreaming series, was SO GOOD! I loved the first one, and loved this one even more! I read this in less than a day and it left me wanting so much more! I’m so upset that the next one won’t be out until February! I just can’t get enough of Kenna and Jax! They’re such an amazing and believable couple.
Kenna Pierce is a, recently, not so single mother of five adopted boys and is also a full-time book blogger. Her new beau, Jax, has completely stolen her heart and has made a great impression on her kids as well. When we left Kenna and Jax in the last installment of this series, things were going great, until Kenna has a terrible accident at Jax’s loft and is put into the hospital. Kenna wakes up in the hospital after eight days of unconsciousness to find Jax sitting by her side. She knows she has a broken leg, but was never expecting the news the doctors gave her about the other injuries she suffered in her fall. Now that she’s able to go home, she has to remain immobile for at least two months and will need help full-time. Instead of asking her mother to help, Jax immediately volunteers to temporarily move in and help Kenna until she can take care of things herself. ““Ready?” he asked. Ready to be humiliated and cared for like a sickly old woman? To be subjugated to the humiliation of needing help doing absolutely everything? Visions of Jax helping me in the bathroom in an entirely non-sexual fashion flashed in my head and I almost threw up in my mouth a little. “Ready,” I answered in fake cheeriness. After discovering that getting in to the care was a significantly more brutal task than one might think, we were on our way home. I stared out the window, continuing to try not to be mortified, when the strangest thing happened. Jax reached across and help my hand. Those fireworks we had? There were still there. That little tingle reminded me: he wasn’t just some guy. An odd sense of peace overcame me as I wrapped my fingers with his. Everything would be okay.”
Jaxson Dowe, who has never been in a serious or emotionally attached relationship in his life, is now finding himself completely falling for a woman that couldn’t be more different than him. Kenna and even her five boys have worked their way into his heart and now he’s not sure he could imagine a life without her. But meeting and getting to know her kids was the easy part. Now that Kenna is unable to take care of herself for the next couple of months due to a terrible accident, Jax has volunteered to stay at with her and help take care of her and her boys. “”Baby, really, I don’t mind. I can work from home, and you need help. Your parents have already helped a lot,” I told her, further validating this madness. I couldn’t explain it, but the desire to help her was so overwhelming and at the same time such a new feeling. I refused to be away from her. Especially after I almost lost her.”
Now Kenna and Jax will have the toughest test in their relationship. Can they survive this accident and recovery period? Can Jax handle being a parent when he really knows nothing about kids? They both seem to be falling in love with one another, but will that love be enough to help them make it through what they will face, especially in light of the other injuries Kenna suffered?
This love story is truly becoming more interesting and complicated, and just beautiful as it all plays out before your eyes. You can’t help but fall in love with Jax just because of how genuine he is about his feelings, and how much he does for Kenna in this next installment of the Daydreaming series. There explicit language and sexual content in this book, but it’s still as funny as the first. There are more twists and turns in this book and the ending will leave you on edge, almost pulling your hair out because you can’t wait to know what happens. I definitely recommend this book and the entire series! It’s a fives star read, so go read it! NOW! You’ll thank me later.
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