Kenna's Reverie (Daydreaming #1)Kenna’s Reverie by Claire Granger
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Oh. My. Goodness. Kenna’s Reverie by Claire Granger, the first book of the Daydreaming series, is AMAZING! I couldn’t put this book down and finished it in a day! From the start it was hilarious and so relatable. I absolutely loved the two main characters, Kenna and Jax. The narrative bounces back and forth between the two and you can’t help but laugh out loud when either one is telling their side of the story.
Kenna Pierce is a 27 year-old book blogger, who just happens to have five kids. Yes, five. And just like any other normal day in her life, she is at the local coffee shop working on her blog and reading another book when a gorgeous piece of man named Jaxson Dowe walks over to her table and asks her out. Kenna, thinking it’s a joke played by her girlfriends, laughs in Jax’s face and leaves him stunned and frustrated. What Kenna didn’t expect was that her life would be changing, and Jax would be the source. She never would have guessed that a man like Jaxson Dowe would ever want her, but the connection between them is undeniable. “As I read each page describing the initial encounter between heroine and hero, I kept thinking about Jax. All those butterflies, sparks, good happy feelings that every good romance describes at the first encounter? We book bloggers would call it the “insta-love”. I had spent the last ten years of my shirt twenty-seven years of life reading every piece of romance I could get my hands on and never once thought that it was real. It was all just fantasy. But within moments of meeting a total stranger, albeit a totally panty-dropping stranger, I had every one of those fantasy-inspired feelings. So the question running through my head…was it real or did I just imagine all of those feelings because I spend too much time reading about them? And if it was real, was it some sort of sick, cosmic joke?”
Jaxson Dowe is a 32 year-old banking executive who has never had a serious emotionally attached relationship in his life. He’s never had to chase women, as they always seem to make themselves available to him. He isn’t a one girl for life type of guy, until he sees Kenna. He’s never had a woman that he couldn’t get out of his mind, one that he longed for yet had never even spoken to. When he finally approaches Kenna in the coffee shop he had been studying her in for the past three days and asks her out, he’s laughed at, and women don’t laugh at Jaxson Dowe. As he watches Kenna walk away still laughing, he knows he as to have her, and he assumes after one date and a romp that he’ll be cured. What he doesn’t know is that this won’t be a just a one-time thing, and possibly for the first time he might be falling in love. “I had spent three days in that coffee shop, watching and studying her. Obsessing is a bit of a strong word, so we’ll just call it having strong observation skills. She was stunning. She’s one of those women with natural beauty and curves for days, but absolutely no vanity or even knowledge of the beauty she possesses.” “I’m not romantic, other than the base level of romance that I need in order to win the affection of a woman I’m interested in. I am always a gentleman, but manage to maintain complete emotional detachment. I’ve never chased after a woman. I’ve never needed to. The type of women I usually see are the kind who tend to make themselves available to me. Yet from the moment I laid eyes on this woman, she had consumed my every thought.”
Even though these two are completely incompatible, Jax and Kenna can’t stop thinking about one another. Jax knows nothing about kids and has no intention of settling down any time soon, and Kenna is focused on putting her boys first. However, these lovers can’t deny the sparks they feel and the desire for a more serious relationship. They both have their fantasies about one another that they want played out, but will they ever work as a couple? Will Jax be able to handle five kids when he doesn’t know a thing about them? Will Kenna be able to let Jax into her heart and the heart of her children when she’s not sure if he’ll break their hearts? Can they live without each other now that their connection is so strong?
This book is absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a romance with a ton of humor. Kenna is easy to relate to, I feel like she would be one of my best friends because she’s just such a realistic female character. The tension between Kenna and Jax make you want to keep reading more, because you’re just not quite sure how things are going to play out. And Claire Granger leaves you with a crazy cliffhanger that makes you rushing to get to the second book so you know what’s going to happen next. The language is pretty explicit, and there is quite a bit of sexual content and references, but this is definitely a five star book! Seriously, read it! You’ll love it!
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