LIAR (Liar, Book 2)LIAR by Lia Fairchild
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Liar (Liar#2) is the second book of the Liar series and is also the sequel to Compulsive. This was truly a very touching and highly emotional series for me and I am so honored as a reader to have been afforded the opportunity to take this journey with Daniel and Gray.

First, let me start by saying that as much as I loved this sequel, I also felt like I needed more and by that, I wanted and needed so much more together time with Daniel and Gray. The first half of the book for me was superb but once I reached the halfway mark, I knew I was in for “something” to happen and was getting more and more anxious for the proverbial “shoe to drop” so to speak and when that revelation came, hmmmm, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it but I did know that I didn’t connect with it. If I am being honest, I was a tad bit disappointed in that monkey wrench Gray had thrown at her and so for me what happens after that sort of threw me off for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the “unraveling” of Gray that ensued played out perfectly BUT I just wasn’t convinced that the revelation should have spurned what it did. I guess maybe I could have been onboard if it had been played out differently, the twist being something else to convince me of her demise. For me, I wasn’t totally “convinced” of it and I don’t mean that I think Henry lied about what really happened in Grays’ past but I just wasn’t feeling it, I wasn’t convinced of it and it made that part of the storyline lose a tad bit of credibility. These are just my own personal feelings and others may not even have given any thought to it but that took a bit away for me of the storyline.

Up until Gray’s hidden revelation, this was hands down a clear 5 Star read for me but the latter half of the book prompted me to deduct a half of a star for personal reasons. I wanted much more time with Daniel and Gray and their relationship. I also wanted “more” in the ending if that makes sense, it was great but not “fireworks” spectacular for me, just my own opinion, considering all they had gone through. I hated that they felt the need to move and start fresh for the sake of Daniel’s career, I get that they needed a clean slate and that was good enough reason for me but I hated to think that they couldn’t be out in the open freely without any repercussions. I truly believed that the “major issue” for Daniel would have been addressed and cleared. I also believed if I am being truthful that the “issue” with Daniel would have been the major twist in the story to be honest and that I could have understood and gotten on board with any unraveling, albeit, Daniel and/or Gray but there was no conclusion of that particular part of the story and I was disappointed.

With that being said, Daniel’s character in this book grew leaps and bounds for me. I was in love with him in the first book and this book just made me that much more invested in him and his character, I loved him even more fiercely in this book and loved how he cherished, admired and worshipped Gray. He was finally able to separate himself just be a man and not just a Dr. and I loved seeing his transformation.

Gray, oh Gray, I still continue to love and adore this girl. She was not only a stunning woman on the outside but inside as mixed up as she was, she had a heart of gold. Her relationship with Alyssa was priceless and again, it showed her true character. Yes, she had a bit of a downward spiral for a time but thank goodness she had the sense to realize what was important in her life and make it right.

All in all, this was a superbly written series. The writing was spot on perfect in ever way. The storyline with the exception of my above comments flowed beautifully and kept me once again glued from start to finish. I have to say, I have my own theory on or rather wishful thinking on Nathan and Alyssa, personally, I see a third book in this series and I pray that there is, wink, wink. I would not only LOVE to see more of Gray and Daniel but I am oh so curious as to where Nathan and Alyssa end up, hint, hint! I could be wrong, but in my head and throughout this story, I could see a story bloom in the future featuring these 2 and let me tell you I would welcome it with open arms. If I don’t get that, I would love a novella just to catch up with this cast of characters. I feel totally invested in Daniel, Gray, Nathan, Alyssa, Henry and Becca, Rita, heck I even would like to see where Kevin may eventually end up.

The storylines throughout this series are fantastic, the writing is superb, and I actually felt like I was watching a movie playing out in my head rather than just reading a story, it was that good. I truly felt such a part of it all, I could see everyone, I could feel deep down in my soul the emotions that everyone felt and there is nothing more satisfying than that feeling and I thank you. Author Lia Fairchild, you are a truly talented and gifted writer and I am looking forward to reading much more from you in the future!
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