Lie with Me: (Decadence After Dark Book 4)Lie with Me: by M Never
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Lie with Me (Decadence After Dark #4) by M. Never was absolute perfection. If I could give more than 5 Stars, I would in a heartbeat! This book had every single element that I love in a story all the while pulling my heart and head in so many directions.

I have so much to say about this book but honestly, I am having the hardest time articulating my thoughts in the same breath. First let me start by saying, that this is the first book that I have read by this author. I have the first book on my Kindle but haven’t gotten to it yet but you can bet that I will be reading the previous books in this series because I fell hard for all of these characters. Why would I read this book if I haven’t read the series from the start you may ask, well, for me I absolutely love, love, love more than anything a story featuring an older man and younger woman scenario and yep, you guessed it because the minute I read the synopsis…..I HAD to one-click this story. One more crucial piece to my beautiful reading experience was that I went into this story blind and omg, I am so glad that I did. Why, you ask, because I do that from time to time and because there were twists and turns that I never saw coming. When I say never saw coming, I was completely blindsided, in one way my heart literally stopped and in the other way…..Oh gosh, I can’t even put it into words except for the fact it was one of the hottest scenes I have ever read and went back to re-read it twice! The first time I was in such shock that I read it and then had to go back and re-read to register it and then the third time, well, it was something so erotic and delicious I just had to read it again for my own pure wicked pleasure:)

I am not going to give much away to the story because I am begging you to delve into this story completely blind, trust me, you will appreciate it. I am also not one for highlighting and taking notes during my stories but this was the first time that I ever did that because it provoked such strong emotions in me. There were a few scenes that were so overwhelming and emotional between CJ and Tara, I couldn’t help but want to remember them. I was so overcome with emotion by a few of their scenes together especially where they ask each other to “tell me a secret”, oh my, now those interactions between the two had my heart melting. I was so engrossed and invested with CJ and Tara that I was completely and whole-heartedly smitten in every single way possible. I know it sounds crazy to have that much of a “connection” but I am telling you once you start their journey it’s immediate, it’s intense and it was so “real” that I can’t describe it any other way.

CJ, oh boy, did I love this man. He had every single quality and more that I look for in my male lead and he couldn’t have been more perfect. CJ was a man any woman would want in their life. He was so caring, he was loving, he was hot and oh so very sexy, he was perfection at its finest! He was forgiving, determined, he was fierce and protective and he had so much love in his heart for this girl that it literally brought me to tears.

Tara, oh yeah, this girl was a spitfire, a sexual hellcat and I loved her as fierce as I did CJ. She was so sexually matched for CJ that the sparks flew off of my Kindle during every single sex scene. Now, I love a great sex scene and some books can get boring maybe even play out the same scene over and over and at times, and yes, in the past, I have skimmed but NOT with CJ and Tara. I wanted to slowly devour every single sex scene, every word spoken and unspoken, every move they made, I didn’t want to miss a beat! Their sexual chemistry together was phenomenal!

Although CJ and Tara were sexually compatible, beyond even their wildest dreams and mine for that matter, what made it so great was that the sex was not what defined their relationship, oh no, these two were hands down and without a doubt made for each other. They were the other half of each others hearts, they were soul mates to the end. To say I loved this couple to the moon and back is a gross understatement! Words alone don’t do CJ and Tara justice, you need to read their story to truly understand their connection, it was magical in every sense.

Now as I said earlier, there were twists and turns that totally came out of left field and that I never saw coming and my heart was in my throat at times. This story had every element of surprise for me, mystery, suspense, a huge shock factor for me, it had THE best and hottest sex scenes, I mean I was squirming in my seat and giddy with excitement, it gave eroticism a whole new name in my book and yet it was absolutely beautiful. Underneath all of that action packed suspense was a genuine love story and let me tell you I could cry (happy tears) because the love between CJ and Tara radiated straight out of my Kindle and landed deep into my heart. I was in love with them hard from the start and by the end I was smitten, head over heels in lust and love with them. There is no better feeling for me as a reader to feel such a strong connection with my main characters and my feelings for CJ and Tara are so strong that it’s hard to put into words.

Now with that being said, this was not all hearts and flowers and it may have elements that some readers may not like and/or enjoy but don’t let that scare you either. If you are a reader such as myself who likes to mix things up, who yearns for different and unique, someone who wants to add that spark to “safe” reads and doesn’t want just another “vanilla” read then grab this book immediately. If I am being honest, I am not a “vanilla” reader by any stretch of the imagination but I also have certain hard limits at times that I only cross when the mood strikes me and when I do cross that line I want it all and this book gave me everything and so much more.

Before I leave you, please allow me to post a few quotes that touched my heart, I was melting while reading, my panties as well as my heart:)

“I pull out my phone and deliberate for a split second before I type away.
Me: Tell me a secret
Moments tick by, too many for my liking before she responds.
Tara: I wish you would stay”

Oh god, let me tell you, this little game that CJ and Tara played got me straight to the heart, I was swooning, I was a big puddle of mush, I was completely smitten! I have one more that was beyond achingly beautiful.

“Tell me a secret, he urges, driving into me again. My stomach muscles contract in distress. I love you. The words leave my lips before I can even attempt to stop them. It’s my truest of truths. CJ told me to tell him a secret before I left Hawaii; it’s how the whole thing started. So I did………”

Can I tell you that I could cry happy tears just re-living those couple of moments during their “secrets” game and although there are a few times they played that game, those two moments touched me in ways that I can’t even begin to describe, that was how connected I was with these characters!

M. Never, congrats to you on one of the best books that I have ever read. This book will definitely be a part of my very own personal book shelf that I keep separate and just above the 5 star reads. I like to think of my “shelf” as my own special platinum book pedestal where I only allow certain books to reside and this is one of them. I am a picky reader and it takes a special story and a truly talented author to make my insides melt and you have done just that in the very best way possible and I thank you!
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