Love Resisted (Entwined Hearts #2)Love Resisted by Maria Macdonald
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This is a series but I do not see any reason why you could not read this book as a standalone at all. This story does have a HEA to it. This is the second book of three that are out now. Like the first book it was a bit slow and did drag out in some places. This book goes back and forth between Soph’s view and then Saul’s view. This one was better conveyed than the first book of the characters back grounds and current situations. They kept the characters from the first book in the second book so that you can still follow on forward with their lives.

Soph has always been the social butterfly of the group of friends. She has always only had one love of her life. The only thing is she thinks that he does not feel the same for her that she feels for him. Because of her childhood with her mom she thinks she is not worthy of anyone’s love. She has had one other man in her life to make her feel a close to love, other than her dad, and now he is just a part of her friends/family.

Saul has been in Soph’s life all their lives. They have been close but he has used other women to keep him from going after his one true love. Will they ever have the love that they both want?

When Soph’s past comes back to her faster than she is ready to share with her friends/family she has no choice but to tell them how her life was with her mother. This brings her closer with everyone more than she expected. It shows her that she can be loved no matter what happens in her past or present.

This is a love story that will make you want to finish the series so that you can see what happens with the last characters and what continues to happen with the ones from the first book and this one as well.
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