Miles Apart (The Not So Bad Boys of Rock Book 2)Miles Apart by Rhonda James
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This book opens three months prior to the cliffhanger from book one, Across the Miles. Brooke has left to go to London to further her career, leaving Sebastian. Sebastian is getting ready to go on tour with his band in Europe. The story continues with a lot of swinging back and forth. On again and off again for both our hero and heroine.
Everything is thrown into this story. There are two triangles proposed. Reid, Brooke’s next door neighbor, has feelings for Brooke, which she supposedly does not return. Then there is Rachel, Savannah’s mom. Savannah is a six year old girl that is a huge fan of Sebastian’s. He is just friends with Rachel, but leaves his wedding rehearsal to go sit with her when Savannah is in the hospital.
There is also angst thrown in with Brooke’s parents. Her mom who has been selfish and career oriented her whole life and her dad who abandoned her when she was eleven. Well, her mom has up and sold her business to focus on her family. She remarried her Brooke’s dad without either of them telling her. This is just a little over the top for me.
Brooke spends the whole book fearful she has become her mother and selfish. In my opinion, she has. She accepts a job in London for nine months without even discussing it with Sebastian and doesn’t tell him. He finds out when Brooke’s ticket is messengered to the house. In my opinion, Sebastian has a right to be upset.
I loved Sebastian in the book. Brooke was a little immature for my taste. This is the final book. There is no cliffhanger and they finally get their HEA. There really was just a little too much angst thrown into the book just as filler.
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