My Only Regret (Twisted Fate Book 1)My Only Regret by Rhonda James
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I loved this rocker book! The book opens in Theo’s bar located in Seattle where Rhyann Michaels, our heroine, picks up Jesse Montgomery, lead singer for Twisted Fate. Jesse has rules. Rule #1—Never break eye contact. Rule # 2—You need a willing partner. Rule #3—No strings. One night only. Ryann agrees to the one night. She leaves the next morning, leaving a note with her name and a heartfelt thanks. She tells Jesse that she knows he is going to make it big.
Fast forward two years, Ryann loses her job as an administrative assistant when her creepy boss makes unwanted advances and she ends up kneeing his grown and kicking him in the proverbial behind. Apparently Jesse has been keeping an eye on her. He sends someone to hire her as his assistant. He needs someone to keep him straight.
Ryann reluctantly agrees to a trial three month run. During that three months, Ryann and Jesse become friends and more. She becomes a member of his family. The band takes her in. The supporting cast is great. Mel is Rhyann’s best friend. Tyler is Jesse’s brother and fellow band member. Sam becomes like a brother to Rhyann. He is another member of the band. David rounds out the band members. He is quickly smitten with Mel.
Jesse is slow to realize how a relationship works. But when he does, Rhyann and he get married. But the trouble has just started, because Rhyann has trust issues. Jesse has an ex-girlfriend, Amber, who is a model and wants him back.
Can these two find their happily ever after? You must read this book to find out! 5 over the top stars. Loved Jesse, sweetest rocker ever!
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