No Interest In Love (All About Love, #2)No Interest In Love by Cassie Mae
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No Interest In Love by Cassie Mae
This story is a happily ever after stand alone, that is sweet and heartwarming. The two main characters are Jace, the actor and Shay the agent. Fate has their paths cross several times throughout the years but the two never really become friends until Shay becomes Jace’s agent.
No Interest in Love is a story about an up and coming actor in search of his big break. When his agent gets him an audition on the other side of the country, what could go wrong?! Jace has big dreams of scoring with the leading lady, Carletta, both on and off the screen, however little does he know that fate has other plans. Jace’s usual stance is no commitments, only casual flings. Which is why Shay is known as “(aka: Agent from H*ll; aka: Buzzkill; aka: Miss Very Unlikely Love Interest.) Fun to mess around with, but not in the sheets.”

The first time the two meet is when Jace was a freshman at NYC and Shay was a Junior. She was a costume character on the streets of NY. Jace and his friends pulled a prank on some of the characters, including Shay. She caught up to Jace and let him have it with her giant costume shoe. While yelling at Jace “Some of us have to make money, you ***hole!”, someone else took a picture and turned her into a meme and Shay became known as “ the Elmore girl”. Now years later no one in the business believes Shay has what it takes to be a serious agent. Taking Jace across country for an audition isn’t something she should be doing but she can’t pass up the opportunity to show everyone she is the real deal. Again fate has other plans for these two. 4 stars for this story and for Cassie Mae!
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