Scarred - The Scarred Serial - #1-3 (Scarred Serial #1-3)Scarred – The Scarred Serial – #1-3 by Kylie Walker
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How does someone ever find it within themselves to trust anyone when they have been burned repeatedly since the day they were born? Well, Scarred by Kylie Walker takes this conundrum and beautifully, day by day, moment to moment– shows us all how it can be done.
I had the privilege of reading the first 3 parts of this 6-part series and was completely sucked in by the strength Chloe maintained and even more by the sweet and endless patience I found in Derek.

Chloe Green is basically starting her life over…no family and few friends– and with no one on the planet that she truly trusts. The reasons for this are thoroughly and gut wrenchingly explained and one can do nothing but completely understand why she has a wall up that NO ONE is getting over.

Derek Stark, our hero, proves to not only be a steady rock for Chloe as she slowly lets him in… but plays a huge role in the surprising twists and shocks that this series inevitably takes. But through it all, he made me smile and cry and laugh– he’s the man we women all hope to find some day.

This entire first half of the series was an incredible journey with constant twists and turns I never saw coming. There is some violence in this series but it was never more than was necessary to tell this story. It’s only as graphic as needed to show the intensity of the scene.
It’s a very romantic story…and the sex is both hot and sensual but it never crossed any inappropriate lines. As I have only read half of the series I am eagerly looking forward to finding out how this is all resolved. And even more important than that, what the future has in store for both Chloe and Derek. This is without a doubt, a 5 star, can’t miss and must finish series.
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