Tempted (Death Dealers MC, #2)Tempted by Alana Sapphire
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This book starts off right where the cliffhanger in book one ends and we find out the fate of Raven and Gage. After a car chase and bullets flying at them I needed to know that the main characters were ok and alive. Raven ends up in shock over the ordeal and ends up sleeping with Gage in his bedroom. This is huge because Gage does not allow this with anyone else. Gage is still fighting feelings. He has it in his mind that he doesn’t want an “old lady” or kids etc. It’s funny because he pretty much is obsessed with her not like stalker obsessed but you can tell his feelings are deeper than that of someone who just wants to sleep with someone else. They begin to plan Ravens big 18th birthday. If you haven’t read the first book Raven is a virgin and Gage WILL NOT have sex with her until she is 18. There is a substantial age difference not that it matters to either of them but they are playing it safe so that it doesn’t come back to bite Gage in the
butt. Which I am totally for in the aspect that this guy is well a guy. Most guys can’t do that lol. There is lots of sexual tension that cannot be released. At one point I was like dang they just need to do it already lol! This book ends with yet ANOTHER cliffhanger. And once again I was glad I had the next book available to me so I could find out what happens. I really hope book three does not have a cliffhanger because I will DIE if I have to wait for the next book lol! Totally recommend this series if you liked sons of anarchy and bikers and tattoos etc! Another 5 star rating!
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