Wounded Beast (Gypsy Hereos, #2)Wounded Beast by Georgia Le Carre
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Wounded Beast by Georgia Le Carre is the second book of the Gypsy Heroes series. Each book is a standalone in the series and although it is not necessary to read the previous books, I would recommend it to further the reading enjoyment as well as understanding the family and friendship dynamics, it’s a great cast of characters.

Wounded Beast is Dom and Ella’s story and although I liked it, I didn’t connect with it as much as I did the first book. I was really looking forward to this story but for me, it fell short of my expectations. Now with that being said, if you enjoy a complete and total alpha male then Dom is your man. My emotions on Dom and Ella’s relationship was all over the place for me.

Dom was all male and if he wanted something, he was going after it at all costs and Ella was his primary focus. Dom has a tragic past that kept him from believing he would find happiness in a woman. He is rich, successful, sexy, controlling, and yet he was a wounded man deep down inside with a past that kept him from moving forward. Until he met Ella, he was closed off and I just loved seeing her be able to bring out that love he kept stored away for so long.

Ella, was a sweet, naive, kind and caring woman who just wanted good in the world or at least for the good people in the world to be rewarded and she put so much into her professional life because she wanted to make a difference. I loved her relationship with her parents, it was so touching. She was a patient and forgiving woman and I felt that she deserved a bit more than what Dom gave her regarding his past and the twist reveal, I wanted so much more groveling from Dom because Ella deserved to be put completely and without a doubt at ease and for me. I felt that Dom got off a tad bit easy for my liking.

This story was fast paced, hot and sexy, and although I do enjoy a quick insta-lust/insta-love story at times, Dom and Ella’s story was too fast for me to fully connect with and appreciate the characters. The twist was not my cup of tea and maybe if it had been something different, I may have felt differently about the story as a whole but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I did however, love that Epilogue, it was great! I did like this book, it wasn’t a favorite of mine but I am looking forward to Shane’s story next.
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