Ace of HartsAce of Harts by Dani René
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Ace of Harts by Dani Rene
Emily Reid has a past. Who doesn’t. The difference is she escaped her past and moved to the big city. In three weeks’ time she lands a job after a not so conventional interview with the dark, brooding Triston.

Triston Hart has no intention of falling in love. But when he met Emily he starts working his way into her life. He can’t stop himself from kissing her after some mild flirtation and it goes from there into something deeper and more importantly…. loving…. relationship building.
On site for a job Emily also meets Sebastian. A sexy guy who provides for the coffee addiction of women all over. But he’s interested in Emily. How will this love triangle play out? And will the hot and wanting Triston win the hand of the beautiful Emily or will the sexy attentive Sebastian win out?

When Emily’s past invades her present, she isn’t ready for it. After a slow start I was wondering when it would advance through the story. But I didn’t have long to wait. The book picked up pace and went for a run. Steamy, with a little brother triangle, a push from one man back to the other.
The writing is great and the characters are well thought out. I was excited to read this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast paced read. It has a lot of Hart. 😉
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