Against the WallAgainst the Wall by Jill Sorenson
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Against the Wall by Jill Sorenson is a wonderful read! Eric Hernandez was just released from prison, serving time for manslaughter. He’s ready to get back on track with his life and not get into trouble anymore. He used to be involved in a gang, drugs, and constant sex with random girls. He’s ready to put that all behind and make his life mean something. He’s always been interested in art, and wants to become a tattoo artist. He starts by doing odd jobs at a tattoo shop. Meghan Young is a smart girl who knows what she wants, and that’s Eric. She always wanted him, but had to put those feelings aside when he went to prison. She has a new boyfriend, Chip, but their relationship isn’t as perfect as it seems. She keeps a secret from everyone, afraid of what will happen if it gets out. She tries to go on with her life, going to classes and volunteering at the women’s center with her best friend Kelsea. She just can’t seem to get Eric out of her head and the times they spent together before he got arrested. She wonders if they could actually be together. She knows he’s has a hard life and a troublesome past, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to get what she wants. Once Eric and Meghan begin to cross paths frequently, the sexual tension and passion returns. Eric doesn’t think he’s good enough for Meghan, that she deserves someone better than him. Meghan doesn’t care about Eric’s past and everything he’s been through. She sees him for the good man he is, but he can’t see it that way. Will Eric and Meghan be able to stay away from each other? Or will passion take over? Find out in Against the Wall!

I would give this book four stars. The writing was good and the constant conflicts in the novel make it more interesting and leave you wanting more. The relationship between Eric and Meghan is one that will keep you guessing all the way through.
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