Al Al “Trunk” Mahoney, Defensive Line by Jean C. Joachim
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Al “Trunk” Mahoney is a professional football player. He’s good looking, good at what he does, and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s devastated when he gets the news that his wife is filing for divorce. He can’t believe he’s going to be single again. He takes the news pretty hard, filling the void with booze at his favorite bar, The Savage Beast. The Savage Beast is run by Carla. Carla is a hardworking, independent, beautiful woman who works diligently every single day to make sure she has enough for rent. Money is a constant struggle, especially when football season is over and business is slow. Carla is really good friends with Trunk. She’s always been there to support him through it all, and he needs it the most during this hard time. To get out of the house he used to own with his wife, he moves into Carla’s spare bedroom. They find themselves spending a lot of time together, either having a meal together, or just hanging out while she works the bar. Carla has always liked Trunk, but he’s been a married man, and she doesn’t mess with married men. Trunk has always thought Carla was absolutely stunning, and now that he’s going to be single again, he’s definitely got his sights set on her. The passion and tension is evident between the two since they’ve been living in such close proximity. While football season progresses and Trunk’s divorce is being finalized, Carla can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be with Trunk. The two eventually share a kiss, and it all goes uphill from there. Will Trunk and Carla finally be able to have a relationship together? Or will secrets threaten to tear them apart?

This was such a well written book! I absolutely loved the relationship between Trunk and Carla, and the rest of the football players made this book excellent! You can’t help but love the characters and root for the team. Jean Joachim does a wonderful job writing this book, and it definitely one I would highly recommend!
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