Beautiful StormBeautiful Storm by Megan Isaacs
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Beautiful Storm by Megan Isaacs is nothing like I expected. I read the blurb, I checked out the reviews, but nothing could have prepared me for Noah and Lizzie. Nothing. Lizzie is interviewing Noah because of the amazing work he does on American muscle cars. Noah specializes in American muscle cars…and women. That is, until Lizzie steps through the doors of Ignition. Oh, he still specializes in American muscle cars, but his new focus is Lizzie. Too bad she brushes him off because she has a boyfriend at home. Her boyfriend, Mac, is in a band and eventually he goes on tour. While he is gone, Lizzie proceeds to live her life and goes out with her friends. It’s on one of these nights that she runs into Noah. He sees her, he dances with her, sparks fly, and just when you think things are going to take off, they don’t. Until they do. And boy, do those sparks fly. The chemistry between these two is explosive. Noah, who only does one-night stands, tells Lizzie he is hers for the night because he can offer her no more. Lizzie, surprisingly, takes him up on his offer.
This is when things turn to fun! Noah and Lizzie are inseparable. You can read this on the pages, you can feel it leaping from the book, but you can’t really grasp it until she is forced to leave him. Mac is back from tour and things aren’t looking good. Lizzie finds a way to leave, but she doesn’t run to Noah. She just disappears. Noah’s life very quickly becomes nothing and he is left to cope the only way he knows how: booze and women.

When Lizzie reenters his life, he is floored. He is devastated. And he is still very much in love with her. What plays out next is a series of angst-y ridden drama that can only be found between the covers of a romance novel. Does it detract from the story? Yes and no. However, as a reader, you get a feel for how desperately Noah needs Lizzie. “Don’t let life get in the way. You only get one chance at life. One chance at real love, or if you’re lucky, maybe two. But from the look on your face, lad, it’ll be the once, and if you let life get in the way, you won’t have a life. Yes, you’ll live, but that’s not a life; that’s an existence. A life is full of love, warmth.” This love and warmth is exactly what Noah and Lizzie give one another. The two are meant to be, but for some reason, there are people who do not want this to happen. Noah’s past is sketchy and Lizzie has proven that she thinks she knows what is best for everyone. But does she really get it? “You can only be responsible for your own actions, Lizzie, not those of others. People make their own choices. Yes you can perhaps persuade them in some way, but ultimately the final decision is theirs.”
And on that note, I hope this has helped to persuade you to read this book because it has earned every single one of the 4.5 stars I have given it
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