Beneath the Layers (Beneath the Layers, #1)Beneath the Layers by Mia Rivers
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“Beneath the Layers (The Layers Duology Book 1)” by Mia Rivers is a book that has a totally unexpected plot twist right at the end making you want Book 2 NOW!!! My jaw was dropped when I finished this book.

The writing was wonderfully done making it an easy read. There was very minimal violence and some explicit sex scenes. The narration alternated between Tara’s point of view and Nick’s, but the majority of the book was written from Tara’s.

The book starts out with Tara literally bumping into Nick on her first day of a new job. The bump causes her phone screen to crack and Nick is adamant about replacing her phone. She was immediately drawn to him in his expensive suit – not to mention his tall physique, green eyes, and full lips. Tara, of course, refuses to let him replace her phone, but does finally allow him to buy her a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. She thanks him, gathers herself back together, and heads in to start her new job. As she’s getting herself settled, she recognizes the man that everybody is referring to as “Mr. Rossi” – who is also the owner of the company she is now working for – it’s Nick!

Nick keeps himself all business and rather intimidating to the point where Tara is uncomfortable around him, but she soon realizes that he is also attracted to her. There’s one problem though – Tara is in another relationship and there’s a secret preventing her from leaving that relationship. The damage that could be done if that secret gets out is immeasurable. Despite her very strong attempts at not letting her feelings for Nick get in the way – they eventually do. The chaos that follows keeps the reader interested and wanting more. You feel yourself rooting for Tara and Nick and just when you think everything is falling into place for them – BAM – cliffhanger!!

I can easily give this book 4.5 starts and would absolutely recommend it to others! I cannot wait to dive into Book 2 so that I can find out how this unbelievable twist in the story plays out. This book is a must-read!!
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