Better World (Legacy Code, #0.5)Better World by Autumn Kalquist
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‘Better World’ is the first book in the author’s ‘The Fractured Era Series’ and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read! The story pulls you in right away with the main character’s disgruntled feelings on her life as a low-level sub stuck in a never-ending job of finding a new planet suitable for living on and having the necessary metals for mining. Maeve and her fellow sub, Dritan, have a very close friendship that is tested at times. The reader can feel the tension between the two as Dritan seems to want more from the friendship and Maeve’s obvious attempts to convince him to find someone else to pair with.
As a new planet is discovered, Maeve is part of the crew to make a first landing and test the soil to see if it has everything required to make it their home. The treacherous flight to the planet will keep you on the edge of your seat and the challenges that are faced as they investigate the planet will keep the reader drawn in wanting to keep reading.
Throughout the story, Maeve learns just how strong she is: from standing up for what is right to putting her own safety to the side in order to save others that don’t necessarily deserve to be saved. She is a character you can’t help but cheer for!
I would definitely recommend this novella to other readers! I can’t wait to dig in to books 2 and 3 to see how these character’s lives play out. This quick read is a wonderful Sci-Fi adventure!
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