Bind Me (Capture Me, #2)Bind Me by Anna Zaires
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Ok, so I didn’t think cliffhangers could get much worse than this books predecessor’s but I was so freaking miserably wrong. No… just No!!!!!! So, Bind Me picks up where Capture Me left off…Yulia is still Lucas’ captive but it becomes evident very early on that Lucas has abandoned his plans of torturing his information out of Yulia…whether or not he can admit it yet, he cares about her. He cares about what made up her past that made her who she is, and even more importantly, he is not willing to be another man to tragically damage her. With Lucas’ choice made, we begin a whole different chapter in this five star, steaming hot drama. Trust is still a HUGE problem for both of them. Lucas knows his path with Yulia, but she has been built since the age of eleven to mistrust…and thus far Lucas has given her no reason to view him differently. So, though Lucas genuinely intends to protect her even after she talks, he uh, well he has his work cut out for him…she is after all a trained spy. She knows how he is trained to extract information and she is ready.

So here’s the crux of the problem for Yulia…she is fully aware that he has every right to exact his revenge on her. She slept with him and then got his plane shot down. She has been taught all of the many ways that her captors will try to extract information from her…so every genuine move of compassion from Lucas she views as an attempt to breach her defenses. Meanwhile, because this is what she is trained to believe, Lucas is being stonewalled at every turn. She can’t possibly believe he really cares and furthermore she has a huge secret that Lucas has only partially truly figured out. The difference between his perceptions and the truth are going to be a major issue going into what I have certainly determined will be a book three.

Lucas, this poor man is so misguided and is being led around by the lower half of his anatomy to what I fear could be his demise. He keeps telling Yulia that he wants her, that basically in turn for the information on her superiors he will keep her protected…in exchange for sex at his will. He’s so very wrong though, even if he can’t see it yet. He cares a lot, but his life has taught him that feelings are a weakness to be exploited…he maybe should have put his heart on the line here. All of this sets a series of events in motion that Lucas could not have seen coming.

The bottom line, my heart is broken from where this book ends. Lucas, at the end of the day has a job to do…and he certainly doesn’t want to willingly be away from her. There are things that neither of them know yet…things that have a huge placement in where book two of this series leaves off. There are unexpressed feelings on both sides and it’s a nasty mess in the making. I really, truly enjoyed book one but Bind Me took my breath away numerous times. I am so upset and yet thrilled that there is more to come. I will be waiting with baited breath for what I PRAY is the conclusion to this series, if only because the cliffhangers are quite literally killing me. Bind Me, by Anna Zaires, is not to be missed folks.
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