BindingsBindings by Kate Roth
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Bindings written by Kate Roth is an intense book about a BDSM relationship. It is definitely recommended for an adult audience seeing as there are strong sexually graphic scenes and explicit language. It has been a long time since I read a book that put me on a complete emotional roller coaster ride. I loved it!

It is a story about a girl named Sloane trying to exorcise her guilt over a past relationship with a married man. Though we never meet him, he is an integral part of the story. The person that Sloane is, is because of him. He crushed her self-esteem and broke her. Sloane is trying to heal and trust herself again.

It is at this moment that Leo Calloway enters her life. With his penetrating blue eyes and smoky voice, he takes her breath away. Leaving her with visions of forbidden fantasies. Leo initiates her into the world of BDSM. Though hesitant, for the first time in months, she feels alive.

“ You’ve disappointed me, Sloane” Leo whispered.
“ I’m sorry,” I murmured. The sound of something slicing through the air rang out quickly and then I simultaneously heard and felt a thick crack as his black leather clad palm spanked my ass.

Leo, though being a dominant, is still a man. He is incapable of opening up emotionally to her, thus confusing her all the more. In the bedroom, roles are clearly defined. She is falling in love with him and doesn’t know where she stands.

I think as women, we can relate to Sloane. At some point in time we have felt like her or been with someone who couldn’t open up. This empathy connects us to her and has us cheering for Sloane, wanting her to succeed. Kate Roth writes the book in the first person thus allowing us to feel Sloane’s every emotion.

It is a love story yet it is about finding and accepting yourself as well. This book left me breathless and on the edge of my seat waiting for book two.
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