Blizzard: (The Brotherhood Journals Book One)Blizzard: by Addison Jane
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Blizzard (The Brotherhood Journals) by Author Addison Jane is the first book in her brand new spin-off series, The Brotherhood Journals. Although, you do not have to read the Club Girl Diaries, I highly recommend that you read those books prior to Blizzard’s not only to truly heighten your experience but to give you the background that I feel you need to completely understand Blizzard’s current situation.

I have read all of this author’s books to date and let me tell you, I am hooked, I am addicted, I am completely smitten, I cannot get enough of her work and I continue to be a complete fangirl when it comes to Author Addison Jane. Her writing, her storylines, her characters are absolutely fantastic. This book is done with absolute precision, perfection, it takes hold of your attention from the first sentence and leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat until the very end. Author Addison Jane is a complete mastermind and a superb storyteller and once you start reading her work, I can assure you that you won’t want to put it down. Every story leaves me wanting for the next book in the very best way. I loved that the author wrote Blizzard’s story in alternating POV’s because I was able to be inside both of my main character’s heads at all times.

Blizzard’s story takes place around the MC/biker lifestyle so expect some violence and most importantly expect the best and hottest sex between very sexy characters. I would say to prepare yourself to expect a whole lot of everything because when you enter a biker’s world you have to be prepared for anything and Author Addison Jane gives it all to the reader in the best way possible on every level. I cannot recommend her work enough!

I am going to be honest, I was dying to read Blizzard’s story and because I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough, I didn’t read any reviews posted to date in order to refresh my memory. Let me tell you, once I finished the first couple of pages, I immediately was caught up, lol. Yes, I knew exactly what had happened in the previous Club Girl Diaries book about Chelsea where this book was starting off and my memory came back completely.

Blizzard was swoony, caring, loving, sexy, confidant, he exhibited every raw and real trait that I desire in my male lead and my gosh, I was in love with him from the get-go. His heart was always in the right place, it just got “side-tracked” from time to time but wow, he was perfect in every flawed way. When we first meet up with Blizzard he is nursing a broken heart. He had been left devastated by the ugly betrayal of the first woman with whom he thought he had a real connection with. My love for Blizzard never wavered once for him throughout this story, if anything, it intensified with every single page. Blizzard’s back story is heartbreaking and as the reader I was able to fully connect with him on every level. I understood his feelings and felt like I was right there alongside him as he took a journey of self-discovery not only with his true love but also in discovering some hidden truths about his own family, namely his mom and it was mind-blowing. The author wrote and weaved his family situation into the storyline perfectly and with the utmost suspense, mystery and class.

Rose, oh my, I LOVED this girl fiercely. I fell in love with her in Chelsea’s book and my love never wavered for her. She endured very tough times and situations and yet I could totally relate to her. She had the most heart-wrenching backstory, my heart literally hurt for her. She was forced to do some really bad things to the people she cared most about and the man responsible for putting her in that situation was downright despicable. I admired her, I adored her, I respected her courage in what she was willing to do to make thing rights right with those that she loved unconditionally. She was broken but yet was able to put herself back together in the most courageous and unselfish way and I couldn’t help but cheer her on every step of the way. This was a woman that for me exhibited all the characters of a female lead that I love and admire. I had and still have a total girl crush going on here for Rose, lol! She is the type of girl that deserves nothing short of life’s best and once she and Blizzard got together, OMG, talk about panty-melting. Blizzard and Rose were definitely each other’s soulmates and they couldn’t have found the more perfect match in each other. Their love radiated off of the pages and it warmed my heart immensely.

I LOVED getting more on Chelsea and Op, that was a huge bonus because you can’t help but love that beautiful couple! Addison Jane carefully and oh so beautifully carries each couple’s stories throughout the series and I love that aspect because I not only get to re-visit with a favorite couple but see how their life is progressing forward. It’s a series that continues to grow more intense and beautiful with every added storyline. That is why I suggest that you start with the Club Girl Diaries because it gives your insight on the club, secondary characters, etc.… You will not regret it, each book contains great, strong male and female leads and the secondary characters are not just an added bonus but a critical part of each and every storyline as a whole which leads you into another fantastic book, and that is always a great thing with this author!

Congrats Author Addison Jane on another Grand Slam for me! I am a huge fan who admires your talent for writing and I will be anxiously awaiting all of your future work.
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