Carved In Stone (Art of Love, #1)Carved In Stone by Donna McDonald
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The hero in the story is an artist, former principal named Will that is 53 years old. Will’s two adult sons want him to find a girlfriend because he has been divorced from their mom for over a year Will was married to their mom for 33 years. Will has no desire to date, he would rather do his art than anything. The heroine in the story is a 47 year old woman, named, Jessica. She is an art teacher at a local school. Jessica does not date for long term relationships. Jessica had a traumatic experience in her past that she would like to keep in the past. Jessica has a daughter that is very active in the story. There is also the ex-wife of Will that is in the story a lot. The hero’s two sons are very active in the story as well which I found fascinating because they have such interesting parts in the story and their lives are challenging as well.

The book made me laugh, cry and even get upset. It was refreshing to read about people that are not quite so young, people who have lived life and had experiences that help them grow and be stronger. It is about everyday ordinary people who just live normal lives. I absolutely could not put the book down I was so mesmerized by the story that I just had to know what was going to happen next. I love many of the unique things that Will and Jessica do in the story that just makes me in awe of their story. The author makes you feel like everyone has a chance in love and shows how passionate she is in her writing. I cannot say how strongly I recommend for people to read this, especially people that get tired of the same old story about the younger generations, and money.
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