Catching Kate (Acceptance, #1.5)Catching Kate by D. Kelly
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“Catching Kate” is the next book of D. Kelly’s Acceptance Series. In the first book, we learn about Michael. In “Catching Kate,” we hear Michael’s side of the story. The novella starts with present day Michael explaining his heartbreak over finding out that his former fiancée is now his best friend Daniel’s girlfriend. Kelly alternates her story by going from different times in the past to present-day. This book not only allows us to hear what Michael has to say, but we see how Kate, Jess, and Michael became friends.

Seven-year old Michael has no desire to meet the new girl whose house his dad is taking him to when they move into their new house. However, there is an instant connection between Katherine and Michael. Jess is Kate’s best friend and soon the three are inseparable. We learn how Katherine’s mom died and Michael is the one who brings her back from the brink. We see them as 10 year olds, teenagers, and finally to the present day dilemma: the love triangle of Kate, Daniel, and Michael. Readers can see how Michael sets down his self-destructive path, how he becomes friends with Connor, Daniel, and Jake, and details of his falling in love with Kate. “No one has been the same since I kissed you…I don’t think anyone else ever will be. I want you…and only you.”
If readers have any questions in the first book concerning Michael, “Catching Kate” will answer any you have. “Catching Kate” answers questions but gives us more as we still don’t know how the triangle will be solved. Readers can only read the next book in the series to see who Kate ends up with.
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