Catching Maggie (Men of Baseball #2)Catching Maggie by Hayley Faiman
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Catching Maggie is the story of Maggie (Marguerite), Sammy, and Jackson written by Hayley Faiman. Maggie has been a good, faithful, quiet, submissive wife the entire 7 years she and Sammy have been married. While she goes above and beyond letting Sammy control literally everything she’s lacking in the emotional, physical ways that no marriage should lack. One night while out at the bar, without Maggie, Sammy gets killed by a bullet during a random gang war shoot out. After the funeral while having a minor breakdown in the closet Maggie comes across Sammy’s dirty little secret. A small back phone that just so happens to have numerous names, numbers and pictures of Sammy with other women, giving them the one thing he denies her, touch. After moving on as best as she can and trying to take control of her life she ends up meeting Jackson, at a Dom/sub club of all places while she is trying to figure out why Sammy sought them out vs experiencing it with her.

After meeting Jackson and getting to know him as much as he will allow Maggie has to decide is what little information she knows enough? Will connecting with Jackson on a physical level be good for their relationship when he is so dominant or will she fall into the role of submissive and enjoy being taken care of vs being the care giver…. will she loose the chance because her fear that Jackson will treat her like Sammy gets to be too much…

Can Jackson prove to Maggie that he is nothing like Sammy even though he took his spot on the team? And will his withholding information all come crashing down and be too much for Maggie to handle when she wants nothing more than to be done with baseball and all the lake side girls trying to land a baseball star (single or married), or will her friends who are also baseball wives help her see past her past experiences with Sammy so that she can move forward with Jackson
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