Charming You (Thirsty Hearts Series #1)Charming You by Kris Jayne
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CHARMING YOU is the first book in THE THIRSTY HEART SERIES by KRIS JAYNE. This is the first book that I have read by Kris Jayne, but I quickly added her to my list of authors to watch for. Her style of writing is captivating and refreshing.

Micky Llewellyn is an awesome character. Witty, smart, beautiful, but boy does she have bad luck when it comes to men and affairs of the heart. She has decided to make her career in marketing her number one priority and forget about the opposite sex for now.

Her best friend, Taryn, is getting married and planning her fairy tale wedding. Helping Taryn plan her wedding is keeping Micky plenty busy…. maybe.

Nick Halden is an extremely attractive, handsomely hot, lawyer with gorgeous green eyes, that works in the same building where Micky works. He is on the fast track to advance his career in the prestigious Dallas law firm, Winston Stratford. He was engaged to Vivienne Moran, a high society socialite, until she suddenly called off the engagement. She kept the ring, and Nick has high expectations that she will change her mind. Her father, Tom Moran, is a very powerful man who owns a hugely successful equity firm. Since Nick’s specialty is mergers and acquisitions,
his engagement to Vivienne seems to be a match made in heaven. Nick is secretly hoping that if Vivienne doesn’t change her mind, her father will still do business with him.

As with all good plans, they are subject to change. More bad luck for Micky with a dead car battery, or maybe her luck could be changing. Nick, being the charmer, and all around good guy, offers to help her. He is so handsome, but those are the kind of guys she doesn’t trust. Likewise, Nick is also attracted to Micky and asks her out.

Has Micky’s luck changed? Has she met someone she can trust and have a happy ending with? Will Nick marry Vivienne or follow his heart with Micky? Will he choose his career or will he choose the one person who he knows can make him happy?
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