Chasing Me (Shaft on Tour, #3)Chasing Me by Cat Mason
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Chasing Me by Cat Mason is the third book in the Shaft on Tour series. Hunter Chesterfield is known for his love of three things: booze, bacon, and women. When he’s not on the tour bus or rocking out on stage, he’s off somewhere banging a groupie. It’s been his life for as long as he can remember. He thinks he’s got everything in life, until he meets Chase. Chase Hanlon is a sassy, smart mouthed woman. She knows how to stand up for herself and put someone in their place when needed. She’s unpredictable but very likeable. She’s blown away but how gorgeous Hunter is. When she meets Hunter, of course it just starts out as sex. Casual, no strings attached sex. Something Hunter is very used to but Chase isn’t. Something about her makes Hunter question everything he’s wanted in life. Being with Hunter leaves Chase thinking if this guy could actually be real. Is he just hiding behind how everyone perceives him? Would this girl be the one that comes back? Normally he doesn’t do the groupie more than once, but there’s something about Chase that he can’t seem to stay away from. Chase can’t help but to realize there’s a deeper layer to Hunter, not only the loud mouthed rocker, but also a sweet and sensitive man. When the two are brought together for a special event, will feelings resurface? Will they both finally be able to tell each other how they really feel? Will this be the girl that has Hunter settling down? Find out in Chasing Me!

Absolutely loved this book! Five stars for sure! Cat Mason has written such a wonderful series. All the characters come together to form something truly special. You’ll be wanting more by the time you’re done with the book. This is definitely one of my favorite series. You won’t be able to put them down! I can’t wait to read the last two books in the series, a novella and Henry’s story, Shafting the Halls and Fighting Me.
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