Companion Book Bundle 2Companion Book Bundle 2 by Susan Squires
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This series, is an amazing 4Star read. The Companion Book bundle by Susan Squires will not leave anyone disappointed. The novels are written very well and draws you into the world of vampires, all set in a historical romance setting. There is is some sexual content that it very hot and having the story narrated in alternating persons helps you learn about the main characters in each novel. There is a lot of violence, so those who like dark books will enjoy this series.

One with the Night

Callan Kilkenny, is desperate to find a release from the vampire curse, he finds out a scientist is close to a cure and goes to him to be a test subject. When he gets to the scientist, he finds that the scientists daughter Jane is also infected by blood that had been stored. Jane knows nothing about her new powers and reaches out to Call an to understand them. They are both instantly drawn to each other. This is a very dark book, but very we’ll written dangerous dram.

One with the Shadows

Kate, an orphan, tarot card reader, and pick pocket steals from Gian, an old, sensual, and jaded vampire. When he goes to get what was taken from him, he knows he has might his match. What was most interesting in this book was Gian is the one who has been through such brutality that the heroine normally faces, so having the roles reversed really made this by favorite in the bundle. Gian and Kate are both so intrigued with each other, you will pick up on that instantly and be drawn into the story.

One with the Darkness

Contessa Donnatella di Poliziano has lived many years as a vampire, lonely, sad, And miserable. She has only loved Jergan and she lost him before she was able to covert him. She is given a change to go back in time and again buy Jergan as her slave. She hopes the second time around will not end so tragically. This book is an outstanding time travel Vampire romance that will leave you with so many emotions.

Susan Squires, knows her vampires and truly draws you into each story, each character and leaves you longing for the next book. Each book in this bundle got better and better. Vivid, outstanding historical romance novels.
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