Craving You (TBX, #2)Craving You by Ashley Christin
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Craving You by Ashley Christin is the second standalone book in her new continuing TBX series and can I just say, really great stuff! This series is based on a group of 2 brothers, a sister and a “surprise” addition to the cast that will be revealed by the end of this book and you won’t want to miss it. Alongside their good friends and while attending college, these brothers are focusing on building their Pro BMX riding careers. Make sure you grab hold of your reading devices because the ride into their future is filled with some crazy bumps, a whole lot of smoking hot sex and some downright sweet and swoony moments.

In this book, I was so happy to finally get to “know” Parker and wow, he met all of my criteria for a perfect book boyfriend. When I say this guy was just about everything one could want in a man, I am not kidding. He was beautiful inside and out, he was sexy, sweet, hot as Hades, he knew exactly what to say, how to say it and when to say it and he left me panting throughout the book. Parker, from the start of the book until the very end, never wavered from his charming self. He not only grew in terms of a young man becoming a man but also grew in discovering himself and what he wanted to achieve in his life. He grew so much from Colt’s book and it was simply amazing to watch and experience. Parker’s backstory was so sad and what I loved was that it was so relatable that I was able to connect with him completely and truly understand his internal struggles.

Kelsey, oh Kelsey, she frustrated me so much that at one point I didn’t know if I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall or her head. If it weren’t for Parker and the rest of the gang, she could have single handedly ruined this story for me. Her character had so much potential to have been executed in a far better light, it’s really a shame. I knew she was harboring a “secret” that was holding her back from trusting and loving but when the “secret” finally was revealed, I was like WTH, really, that’s IT???? I mean if an author is going to have a character holding out and annoying the reader throughout the story at least make it so that as a reader I can understand her, connect with her and why she acted the way she did but this “secret” was definitely not played to potential for me. The “secret” could have and should have been executed in a more believable way, which in turn could have redeemed her character almost completely but it was too weak of an excuse and I didn’t buy into it. By the latter half of the book and once she finally faced up to her feelings and most importantly accepted them, I really did warm up to her and by the end of the story I really loved her.

I loved still seeing Colt and Brealynn and how their relationship was playing out and let me tell you it was awesome! Tim, Jamie and the “mysterious” character introduced towards the end of the book was a really great twist and hope we will get a book on that one too, wink, wink!

Congrats Author Ashely Christin, this storyline continue to improve, grow, mature and I can’t wait for the next book!
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