Crimson Catch (Game Time #1)Crimson Catch by S.M. Donaldson
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Let me start by saying this is a YA book so it’s pretty mild. With that being said Crimson Catch by SM Donaldson was still good at holding my attention. There are some sexual scenes and cusswords. Have you ever wondered what a small town life is like for high school students? Crimson Catch does a pretty good job of portraying it. In many small towns sports mean everything, they are the pride and joy of many parents and students along with ways of bringing in income and new students. Let’s start with Collin Atwood. He’s the sophomore who will become the captain next year. He is also failing 2 classes and in order to keep playing he is in serious need of a tutor, James the captain of the team and only senior just so happens to know someone who can tutor Collin without being a distraction…or so he thinks. Then there’s Joelle, she’s the super smart band geek and basically feels invisible in her family…and James (her brother) needs a favor…James and Joelle have a hectic home life with an alcoholic father, a younger sister who is on the fast track to being a part of the Queen B’s, a mother who only see’s James and the whole family relies on Joelle for everything. After their dad faces a heart attack and some nasty things are said and done can the family move forward and forgive or will it be too late for second chances because of the amount of emotional and physical damage done over the years.

Can Joelle help Collin while still maintaining her hectic schedule and still manage to keep the secret that only her best friend knows…one that can change everything for her including how everyone looks at her and thinks of her…including her family? Can Collin and Joelle keep a strictly platonic relationship even though Collin is starting to see her as more. With everything going on in her life between the secrets, the tutoring, the family store and her band practice can Joelle keep her cool or will it all come crashing down over a jealous school girl crush from the queen B who happens to have a crush on Collin.
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