Cuffs (Undercover, #1)Cuffs by Georgie Tyler
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So I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this book at first. I would only have been going off of the title and cover art and since both reflected the other and were self-explanatory…I was flying blind. I have to say, though, that I was intrigued by this book nearly from page one. Our heroine, Lacey, winds up being in the wrong place at the very wrong time and is witness to a murder. Once those mafia baddies realize not only that she saw the murder but got away, well she gets a price put on her pretty head. Enter Alex/Alexi, one of the henchman at and involved in to some degree, the incident she witnessed. He’s sent by his bosses to go find and kill her. Our sexy man Alex has some secrets though. He is actually an undercover cop that was sent in to infiltrate the organization and bring them down. This should be good for Lacey but since he is just days from having what he needs to bring them down, he doesn’t disclose to her who he is. That choice will be the source of headaches and trouble for him in the next few days because she refuses to listen to him.

So, Lacey is truly one smart and really resourceful girl. She has no intention of dying any time soon. As far as she knows, Alex is one of them. She can’t comprehend why he decided to try to help her but she assumes it’s self-serving and that she’s still a dead woman at the end of this. That being said, Alex is genuinely trying to keep her alive. She doesn’t know that though, so every time he tells her to do something she does the opposite. She winds up cuffed to his bed after her third escape attempt, and oh WOW do sparks ever fly. She wants Alex something awful but she doesn’t want to want him. She does begin to suspect that he is actually on her side, but by then choices she makes lead to big problems for her and Alex.

Alex. Lol the poor man never stood a chance. For reasons that even he can’t fathom, he is insanely attracted to her. She is undoubtedly a pretty major complication to the job that he’s trying to do. He really does have the best intentions for her. He’s trying every single thing he can think of to keep her alive and she outsmarts him at every turn. Now, to be completely fair, he is trusting her when he shouldn’t because of his feelings, and that choice may lead to both of their deaths. He eventually realizes that she will bolt if given another chance so he handcuffs her to his bed. That may have initially been to keep her still but it has other unexpected benefits that they both explore.

At the end of the day, all of this- his association with the mafia as well as their feelings for each other– will come to a head. I have to say this book completely kept me on my toes. There was always drama and excitement of some kind going on. The sexual chemistry between Alex and Lacey was off the charts. It was a very well written and thought out story. I maybe would have liked a little bit more out of the epilogue or even a setup for a book two or a novella. Otherwise it was an absolutely great read and one that I would happily recommend.
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