Death's RejectDeath’s Reject by C L Foltermann
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Death’s Reject by C L Foltermann
Christina is a high school student orphaned at age 6. She is a cynical 16-year-old with a lot of rage and sarcasm. She is fiercely independent and strong willed.

At a young age she has been through enough to make anyone cynical. Everyone that she cares for leaves. She has a knack for finding trouble and kicking butt. When she faces the stuff nightmares are made of, this tough Chic with the smart mouth, pulls off what some think is impossible. She is then let into a world few know exist. Here’s the clincher she’s special and she has no idea how much. She would do anything to keep the people she cares about safe but she can’t help always finding trouble. Her thick skin and locked away heart help to keep her safe but how long can you realistically maintain a frozen exterior.

Kenneth Wails is her social worker and all around nice normal guy. He has been her social worker for the last five years and, she starting to wonder when he’s going to take his leave. After all, they all do. But this one is tenacious, and has some secrets of his own.

When Kenneth sees Christina’s potential, he calls a group in New York and has her tested.
Does he even realize he’s playing with dynamite? Her skills are beyond anyone’s expectations and she survives and, thrives where anyone else would not make it alive.

After meeting Thomas O’Reilly a good looking guy/ Vampire she can’t get away from, she meets the Vampires Queen of the city and is recruited to help find missing kids and vampire fledglings. The problem is Thomas is also looking into the missing and is sticking to her like glue. With an order to shoot Thomas on sight, what is she supposed to do with him? She makes friends with him.
I admire this character I like that she is really tough, really cynical, and she’s full of spit and vinegar. This book is really gritty and not for any reader under like 14. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend. Cannot wait to read what comes next!
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