Destroyed by the Bad BoyDestroyed by the Bad Boy by Madison Collins
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Destroyed by the Bad Boy by Madison Collins is double the fun with two hot novellas that are 4 stars each!

Each of these are a standalone with no cliffhangers, but leaves you wanting to read more. They are both for adult readers because of the steamy parts. And yes the second one is two males(brothers) and one female.

The first story is Stranded. This is the ultimate read about the soon to be hot stepbrother that is every girls fantasy. Sierra is on the way to her mother’s wedding to Bentley’s dad when a horrible storm hits. It forces her and Bentley to take shelter in a little cabin in the middle of nowhere.

They are left with little to eat and not much to do…thank goodness one of the few things Bentley packed was a bottle of alcohol!

As the night goes on and the alcohol levels get higher the two push to the surface their feeling about each other and it is smoking hot! They find one heck of a way to keep each other warm till they can get back on the road. But Bentley has always been the kind of guy that loves them and leaves them. And they are going to be siblings!?! How could they continue with this once they leave the safety of their little cabin?

The second story was just as amazing. Caged is about two brothers, Tripp and Cage Garett, who both want a chance to have more alone time with their trainer’s sexy daughter, Lily.

She is one feisty girl and ready for the challenge of two top fighter…the only problem is one of the brothers wants more than a night of fun. He wants Lily all for himself. What will these fighters do when pushed past their breaking points? Can love find a way or will a family be torn apart over a girl?

Both of these are sexy must reads…they are so much fun seeing how it shows both points of views from the girls and the guys. The scenes are hot and flow in both are fast and fun.
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