Dirty Bad Secrets (Dirty Bad, #4)Dirty Bad Secrets by Jade West
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This book contains graphic sex, and hardcore elements of BDSM. There are scenes of violence as well but is consensual.
This is my second time reading this series and I’m gearing up for book four. Ms. West has out done herself. I loved how she wrote the stories that made the characters. How these characters became a family without blood. They say opposites attract and you can see it in this series….
Dirty Bad Wrong – Book 1
James and Lydia both work for the same company in different departments. James is a respected Dom who gets off on subs that need pain and enjoys dishing it out to see them cry. He visits a BDSM club on the weekends, but hides his identity with a mask because of his work, and doesn’t use his own name like most people at the club.
Lydia Marsh has got it all the perfect little life in cozy suburbia, with her perfectly nice boyfriend, and their perfectly sufficient sex life. One night Lydia’s boyfriend comes home and announces that not only did he get drunk and cheat on her while on a recent business trip, but apparently the other woman is pregnant with his child. He begs her to stay, but Lydia has no desire to remain in a relationship with him.
When Lydia is taken to a BDSM club, she instantly is attracted to Masque and she wants him badly. She is told that she does not and is not ready to be up on display with him, but she feels like she can handle him.
Dirty Bad Savage- Book 2
We met Sophia Harding in Dirty Bad Wrong she is a submissive who frequents Explicit often, searching for the rush only a BDSM scene can offer her. There is just one problem though; lately she hasn’t been satisfied after her usual scenes. She searches something different. And she finds it in the place she least expected it.

Callum Jackson is very young but with a very bad reputation. He is rough, rugged and technically homeless. When he returns to his neighborhood after years in prison he does whatever he has to survive.
Callum is not into hardcore ‘BDSM’, until he meets Sophie and everything in his life comes upside down. So Sophie initiates Callum into the BDSM lifestyle hoping he can be the Dom she so desperately needs in her life and in her heart. What she doesn’t expect is that Callum proves to be a natural dominant male.
Dirty Bad Strangers-Book 3

We have Gemma who is a sex chat line operator. She also has to follow the rules of chat line are clear: no personal information, no breaches of confidentiality, and absolutely no other forms of communication of any kind.
She’s one of top girls and has a filthy mouth that brings back her callers. She’s heard it all, but she has her own dirty fantasy she wants to be taken by a stranger or a group of strangers, while being blindfolded. She doesn’t want to have a clue who or how many there are. Unfortunately one of her callers starts getting under her skin, into her mind, she finds herself divulging her personal information. Can she really let him in and let him have his filthy way with her?
He calls her is Dirty Girl…
Jason is the sexy stranger who calls Gemma. He is drawn to her because, she is into his kind of kink, and he wants to meet her. When she tells him her fantasy of being blindfolded and taken by a stranger or strangers, it’s everything he wants. He would love to indulge in her fantasies. Can he get his Dirty Girl to let him meet her will she break the chat line rules?
This series will make you change your panties a few times. This was by far the dirtiest, sexiest, and hottest series that I have read in a while! I can’t wait for book 4…
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