Dirty Fun (Dirty Love #2)Dirty Fun by K. Renee
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Dirty Fun (Dirty Love Book 2) by K. Renee is the second book in her new Dirty Love series and let me tell you, it’s not to be missed. This is not a standalone, it’s a continuation of the first book, Dirty Ink, which features Hudson and Brielle’s story.

Wow, talk about starting a book and not being able to put it down, yep, this was it! I have been the very lucky recipient of Author K. Renee’s books in the past and I was very excited to find out that I had the opportunity to continue on reviewing with this series. I have read K. Renee’s previous MC series and really enjoyed it as well as seeing her writing and storylines grow. Now, you don’t have to read her MC series in order to enjoy this book but let me say that I loved seeing a character from that series intertwined in this series. I love when an author can incorporate previous book characters into their new series/books, it adds that much more excitement for me personally.

Dirty Fun continues the sexy relationship between Hudson and Brielle and can I say that these two just keep getting hotter and hotter by the minute. Now, there is a lot of very dirty sex in this book, BUT the beauty of it is that in between the smoking hot sex scenes is a really great, deep and emotional story. There is nothing better than getting all of that rolled into one book and I am so happy to say that K. Renee did just that! I do have to say that I am not normally big into the BDSM lifestyle books but this was certainly an exception. I loved how the author eases the BDSM elements into the book, taking it very slow and informing the reader in such great detail of each “situation” or each “act”. I also love how Hudson very slowly, very carefully, very cautiously and very meticulously introduces Brielle into his lifestyle all the while incorporating her own fantasies as well. Hudson was so gentle, caring and considerate with Brielle’s feelings and I loved how accepting she was of his lifestyle and how much she wanted to share it with him. Yes, oh yes, I LOVED the experimenting, it was hot and had me wishing I had a Hudson in my life. Oh and an Erik, wink, wink, heck even an Ethan and Riley, too, together this group was as hot as a five alarm fire!

In Dirty Fun, Hudson and Brielle continue to be in love, continue getting to know each other on every level, emotional as well as sexual and holy wowza, it was great! I loved that Hudson and Brielle were so much more than just sexual partners, I loved seeing them connect emotionally all the while supporting each other on every level. They both still have some obstacles to get over but it was so refreshing to see them both face the ensuing issues at hand together and not with foolish drama and miscommunication, etc.

I enjoyed their journey together and I found myself fully connected and invested with both of these characters from start to finish. I loved that the author had some really great and very interesting secondary characters and I hope that we will get many more stories to come in the future. Between Riley and Ethan, Erik, oh my, I WANT and NEED his story and then adding Megan into the mix at the end, we had a full out inferno going. Hudson bringing a few of Brielle’s fantasies to life was blazing hot, I couldn’t get enough and secretly wished we had even more, just saying, lol. Let me end this by saying Brielle’s “graduation” party was the icing on the cake for me, at that point I felt like I needed a cold shower for sure!

Author K. Renee, I loved this book and I am so proud as a reader to have had the privilege of reviewing your books. I have always felt that the potential with you as a writer has always been there and with time and experience comes growth and not only has the writing grown but so have your storylines as each new book has come out, congrats! I have become a steadfast fan of yours and look forward to much more from you in the future.
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