Down to You (Love on Edge, #1)Down to You by Addison Kline
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Down to you is a short novel by Addison Kline it a sweet little holiday special that follows
Brant and Hollow over the holidays of Christmas and new year’s. When the book starts holly is a single mother of three beautiful children. After 2 years she and Brant are tired of fighting their feelings of loving each other but being too stubborn to change things. Over two years ago the couple got dealt a low blow when holly lost their fourth child, the couple were unable to deal with the grief of losing their child an ended up splitting. this short novel picks up when finally, the couple starts coming back together. After a long road and a little help from their family and friends the couple find themselves back together and being married again on new year’s eve! With the help of Holly’s best friend, they get to have the most beautiful and angelic wedding surrounded by friends and family. Follow along this book just warms the heart and shows that no matter what if you truly love each other you can pull through and with the help of family, we all can make it through anything. Come and enjoy this lovely book and get to know these amazing characters and the family that loves them and adores them. Addison Kline will become your new favorite author in no time she is a very gifted writer, just give her a try for yourself.
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