Edge Alpha’s RiseEdge Alpha’s Rise by Jamie Magee
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Alphas Rise by J.M.Cole is an edgy, paranormal romance about bikers. The setting is rural New Orleans, present day. A biker gang called the Pentacle Sons MC rules most of the territory in Louisiana. There is a drug war raging but the Sons are not worried, they have a witch on their side.

To the dead, Reveca Beauregard is known as the Queen of Darkness. To the living she is the Pentacle Daughter, the only known female member of the Pentacle Sons. She is a witch that has lived for centuries and seen everything. Betrayed by those closest to her, she trusts no one.

She has the power to bring people back from the dead and turn them into an immortal, hence this is how she built the inner circle of the Pentacle Sons. She passes back and forth through the veil and deals with many souls.

She was forced, by her twin sister Saige, to make a deal for a soul named King. From the moment she laid eyes on him, memories rushed back. Her first kiss, first love, first heartbreak. Though she saw him die, she knew deep in her soul that he and King were the same. She never forgot those piercing eyes, those rippling muscles. She felt her soul hum with the nearness of him.

Talon, with his dark eyes, lush lips and sculpted body, has powerful energy rolling off him. He is the leader of the Pentacle Sons and has been Reveca’s lover for ages. There is an intense, fiery passion between them. Yet it isn’t true love. Talon knows her body and what she chooses to let him see. Her first love could read her soul as if it were his own. Is King the same as he was? They both have been through so much in the last few centuries. Can they pick up where they left off? With her past and present colliding, the drug war raging and the police trying to pin a murder on them; Reveca has a lot to deal with.

Alphas Rise left me on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next. Definitely a 5 star read!
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