Every Little Kiss (White Pine, #3)Every Little Kiss by Kim Amos
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“All I want for Christmas…
Five ways I want my tree lit this holiday.
I want to start out being kissed under the mistletoe, but I want to finish with sex in bed.
I want to be naughty, not nice, between the sheets.
I want 12 orgasms from sex— one for each of the 12 days of Christmas.
I want my stocking stuffed, repeatedly, on Christmas Day.
I want toys wrapped with bows—that are all for adults.”

In the book Every Little Kiss by Kim Amos, Casey Tanner is strong minded, Independent woman who shoulders everything by herself. But almost losing her younger sister, because of her stubbornness she decided to change. Joining a group called Knots & Bolts that her sister is also a part of, she set her sight on her goal of being less uptight. What she didn’t expect was five energetic women; including her sister, wanting to know about her sex life. Not like there was much to tell anyway, since it’s been a very long time. But Casey has a list, five things to be exact, that she wants to lead up until Christmas. And she knows just who she wants to complete her list with, Abe Cameron.

“His teeth bit her skin, his hand crashed against her. “I will make you come,” he said, his lips right up against her ear, his rock-hard shaft grinding against her bare thigh. “I’ll make you come so hard you forget where you are. And you won’t know what to do with it on your list.”

Abe know what he wants, and he never had a problem getting what he wanted. But what Casey wants from him is something he doesn’t want. Casey wants a no string attach relationship, if you even call it that. Abe who is known as Nighty-Eyed; which means none of his relationships last longer than nighty days, wanted more than that. He wanted to be with her for more than nighty days, and just when he thinks he found the one, she doesn’t want anything more than physical attraction. Will Abe accept the list that Casey presented to him, or will he demand more or nothing at all?

This book is amusing, when you first meet Abe and the way he treated Casey you think “What a jerk.”. But going into the next few pages you realize that there’s more to him. I felt like this story was a little bit too fast, and that I would love to see more in depth of the two characters. I felt like once Casey presented the list to him, everything speeds up to an ending that leaves you longing for more.
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