Facing Me (Shaft on Tour, #2)Facing Me by Cat Mason
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Facing Me by Cat Mason is the second book in the Shaft on Tour series. Aiden Chesterfield craves control. On stage he’s the one setting the beat with his drums, and he needs Camaron to submit to him in the bedroom. His dark past haunts him day and night. Everything that him and his brother Hunter went through as children affects his daily life. He always needs to be the one setting the pace. Camaron Allen was a shy, reserved girl until she met Aiden. She gave up her life to go on tour with him and his band because her feelings were so strong for him. As the two spend time together, besides having constant sex, they realize they both have demons in their past. Camaron can’t get over her insecurities. Aiden gets angry that she doubts him and his love for her. She thinks Aiden will eventually leave her, so she tries to make the first step in ending their relationship. As the two part ways, neither Aiden nor Cam can get the other out of their head. They know they both lost the one they love, but they let their past define them, unworthy of love. Each day is a struggle for the two to move on. Conflicts arise which leads Cam coming back to help the band. Will Aiden and Cam be able to finally declare their love for one another? Or will their past be too strong for them to let it go? Find out in Facing Me!

Five stars for me on this one! This series is absolutely one of my favorites. Cam and Aiden’s relationship is so complex, that you can’t help but root for them to be together. The other characters in the book tie the story together to make one incredible, unforgettable book two. I can’t wait to read about Hunter’s story in the third book in the series, Chasing Me! If you haven’t read Grayson’s story in the first book in the series, Escaping Me, make sure to do so!
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