Fairy Tale FailFairy Tale Fail by Mina V. Esguerra
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Fairy Tale Fail by Mina Esguerra is a cute light hearted short read. It’s the type of book that makes every girl believe in the everyday Prince Charming and wants one for themselves.

Ellie is a twenty something living the life she thought was perfect. She has a corporate job, her boyfriend, and loves to travel on her days off. Sounds perfect, right? Well it absolutely falls apart on her. Ellie and her boyfriend break up and its devastating for her. We’ve all been there so the pain from that was completely relatable. Now Ellie needs to pick up the pieces of her life and figure out where to go from there.

Enter Lucas. Lucas is a guy who works with Ellie. So yes the office romance could get kind of sticky but I like how this one was played out. The attraction between them was gradual. It wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t insta-love which made it so believable. Plus, it takes a little while to nurse a broken heart. Lucas is completely swoon worthy and it’s awesome that the author brought out his imperfections which made this book so much better. He wasn’t Mr. Perfect but his imperfections made him endearing.

I loved the difference you had between the two male characters. They were both very different from one another and there were qualities that I liked in both. I found Ellie to be very relatable as well. Every emotion she went through I felt the same thing. I do wish the author would’ve put footnotes in or a glossary with some of the Filipino words that she used so the readers knew what they were.

This is a good book if you’re looking into a quick read with no angst. It’s just a sweet lovable story about a girl picking up her life and finding her perfect Prince Charming
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